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Jamsphere – Sevencore has to be one of the most evolved and forward thinking independent melodic rock bands on the planet. Their music is some of the most accessible that I’ve heard. It’s really easy to relate to. The sound is honest and it comes through loud and clear.

Sleeping Bag Studios – Sevencore reveal themselves quickly as their own brand of melodic-rock…it has enough edge, it has enough melody…almost like it’s been parsed-out like chemicals to a formula. A working formula mind you; Sevencore does what they do well and definitely have a grip on the sound they’re looking to go for. Often led by wicked guitar-riffs and rumbling bass-lines – the St. Louis three-piece keeps the energy up and rampant through the grind of combining music with heart with added aggression and emotion that comes through well-mixed, well-produced & well-performed.

Andy Trommler – Your music is food for the soul. Im going through a very VERY difficult time in my life right now and your music always points me in a positive direction. You have no idea how much I need that right now.

Amber Skye – The lyrics are incredibly well thought out and tell a story. A meaningful story, unlike most lyrics nowadays which are about self gratification and material desires. Very refreshing!

Terry Townes – I love it! The music is very edgy. The drummer is amazing! The opening track just hits you in the face!!


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