About PicJeff Mueller: Vocals and guitar

Lemme see here…….I always hate writing these things……..

Ok I started playing drums at the age of 12. Had a double kick kit and loved banging away on the drums. I soon discovered that the guitarist were getting all the chicks. So at age 15 I switched to guitar. LOVE playing guitar! But I noticed that singers get more chicks! …… see a theme here don’t ya? I started singing when I was around 17. I was TERRIBLE at first…….I may even argue that I still am haha! But I got a kick out of it. I wrote some songs and released an album under the band name Dirty Trixx.

At age 20 I joined an all original band……or should I say I forced my way into……called Bad Candy. We had alot of local success. We really had big hopes and dreams in that band. But such is life, it didn’t last long. After leaving Bad Candy I just bounced around singing for some cover bands. Kind of lost my original love for playing live shows and singing.

In ’99 I went through an ugly messy divorce that I didn’t want. I wrote a whole album about it under just my name. The songs were so depressing that I can’t even listen to that cd, so I wouldn’t expect anyone else to! Lol!! But as a songwriter, it was a necessary album for me. And that’s who ultimately I wrote it for….me.

In 2003 I strapped the guitar back on and joined forces with Bad Candy’s old guitarist Kevin Haulk in a heavy cover band called 5×0. Playing just guitar took alot of burden off me at the time and restored the fun back into the music. So much so that I started writing again. I also met the love of my life at the first 5×0 show. My beautiful wife Alicia. In the fall and summer of 2004 I wrote all of the songs that are on the Sevencore album. But life got in the way (pregnancy after pregnancy………) so I put everything on the back burner and focused on family and work. In April of 2015 I decided it was time to get back into it. I re-arranged some lyrics and music, called Jimmy and Kenny and well…….here we are. I’ve been playing on and off with Jimmy for over 25 years! That’s a long time for him to put up with me! We currently play every Sunday morning together in a worship band called Broken4One.

My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, Pop Evil, Journey, and Warrant. My biggest influence I would have to say was Jani Lane. I have one hobby: Recording, mixing, and producing bands. That is my main passion! I’m married with 7 wonderful children. 4 girls, 3 boys. I love it when other musicians, or fans reach out to me in a post or through email. So hit me up if you want to discuss anything or just to say hi and tell me a little about yourself!


Jimmy About pageJimmy Bartner: Bass

The year was 1985, I started playing bass at age 15 so, 30 years ago! A buddy of mine “Bobby Cruz” had me try out for his band called “Onyx”, he came over one day, show me all the tunes (about 5 or 6 original songs) then we went and jammed with the band. This band lasted a couple of years. From there it was another band called “Labyrinth” a five piece rock band comprised of members from the original “Onyx”. In 1993 I met my now wife (Chrissy) and stopped playing all together for about 7 years. In this time we raised three beautiful girls. In 1999 Bobby Cruz called me again and wanted to start a cover band, so we did. This band was called “Slapdragon”. We played for about 8 years together 7 of which was without Bobby (a story for another time). After Slapdragon, there was “Stuck On Stupid”, this band lasted only a year.
When it came to practicing, I practiced every day for hours upon hours, I learned every song I could from Kiss, Rush, Poison you name it, I styled my playing after Gene Simmons who said ” write a bass line that people will walk away humming, and you got’em”. So when I add bass lines to songs I try to accomplish this. Later my influences grew to people like Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Steve Harris to name a few.

Currently, I play in a cover band called “Surrender Dorothy”, my Church band “Broken4One” , “Crunch Monkey” and I have an original project on the side with the tentative name “The Core”, it’s still a work in progress, last but not least, “Sevencore”. Jeff approached my at Church one day and said he has some songs and wants to record them. With Kenny Smith from “The Core”, we did. My playing on this CD stays true to the original idea of each song with a bit of flare here and there that tries to stay true to the idea of writing a bass line that will make you walk away humming! I hope I’ve accomplished this! Until next time….


Kenny AboutKenny Smith: Drums
So this is Jeff. Kenny refuses to give me his bio so being the wonderful person I am I will make one for him! I mean just look at that stupid smirk on his face…….you can tell he is always up to no good.

Kenny was born at a very young age. He is recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things. Kenny likes long walks on the beach, a summer breeze blowing through his hair (if he had any), and sipping Long Island Teas through a small straw. His favorite color is magenta. His hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is usually one beat off.

He is currently starring in his own reality show titled “Modern Day Diva; One Girls Quest for Fame”

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